Who I am and my journey into photography.

Photography is the passion that all the moments of my life have guided me toward! I was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, but now reside in Murfreesboro with my family. My first real introduction to photography started when I spent almost every weekend in the woods, on a river or lake. While hiking, backpacking or kayaking, photography became a way for me to show others the beauty, my love of nature and God’s world.  My love of hiking and being in the woods or on the water developed into a completely new passion, photography. Where hiking had been the point of interest, photography began to take over as the main activity. Hiking and kayaking became the means to “get the shot.” Gradually the love of photography took center stage and became the focus of my life.

As I continue to advance my skill and knowledge, I explore all areas of photography. The one area I’ve come to love and want to share is you! I want to showcase you in your world and how you want to be seen in it. I want to capture the emotions and expressions of the moments of your life, to cherish now this day and to have and cherish for the years to come.

I look so forward to meeting you and taking you through the journey of photographing you – as you are now and the way your images, your cherised photographs will be seen in the future. Ready for the journey? Then let’s go!